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☆ Everlyne Imbalah

b0167228_1114381.jpg My name is Everlyne Imbalah. I’m thirteen years old. I’m in form one. I learn at Kaliluni Secondary School and live at Kibera.
I like plying football and am also a good actress. My best hobby is dancing, playing football and singing.
In school I like reading books, my notes and novels and also participating scout clubs and many other clubs. But scout is my best club. I like it so much.
Both in school and home I have my best friends. In school my best friend is Xparansa and at home my best friend is Marrion. I love them and they love me too.
At home I always help my parent with house chores. I enjoy these work. During night I regularly read notes and very early in the morning preps.
During my leisure time I can watch television or play to make the body flexible. Moreover I like clinging. In fact I usually obey my elders. When they tell me to do something I do it without complaint.
I hate those who disobey their elders but those who respect their elders. I can make friend with them. I like those who make fun. In addition I love those who care for the needy.
I dislike a person who beats their children. People who kill others and people who commit suicide. I don’t like when I’m walking I am procid of myself. I like being clean and neat and I don’t like to quarrel with people or abuse with each other.
Sometimes I also like my environment and manipulate it. If someone is sick I will help him or her. A part from the sick I like some teachers but some I don’t because they are unfair to student and others are too harsh. Beyond that I like to blow ones trumpet and so I am proud of myself.
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☆ Nancy Okelloh

b0167228_10561047.jpgMy name is Nancy Okelloh. I live in Kibera. I joined Kaliluni Girls High School 12/2/2008. So I am in form one and I am very happy to be in Secondary School. I thank nod for what he has done to me because many people wanted this chance but they are now here to be seen.
Kaliluni Girls is a very good school, but it is too cold because it is in a deep forest and it contain snow. But that does give me chance to stop studying. Food is being cooked well although sometime we are being put small.
In school we have debate on Monday, games on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday we usually have clubs and finally on Friday we have Devotion singing and dancing for about one hour and we usually sing and dance as a school.
I usually attend school activities because I can fit anywhere. On Wednesday I usually go for games and I am talented in running. I can run one hundred meters. I want to do better so that in future I would like to be like Catherine Ndereba. I need more coaching because I see I will be somebody I future and I will continue like that until death depart me.
In the club, I am in a club called “tree shade club”. I usually plant trees and put them in a nursery and other. We plant ground the school as you know that trees attract rain and flowers make our country to look beautiful. So I believe that am doing a good work in school.
Secondary School life is very enjoyable but it needs hard working. So what I can finished with is that I thank Chaki San for what she has done to me so that I manage to go for secondary school including my parents. I thank Magoso at all for helping. That is all I can say my life in secondary school.
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☆ Mary Akinyi

b0167228_10394675.jpgDear Madam/Sir

I greet you in the name of Jesus. I think that you are fine even me. I’m fine and I’m doing well. My name is Mary Akinyi. I’m sixteen year old. I learn in Said Furaha Organation near Kitengela. I came from Asembo in Bondo district. I’m the second born in our family and we are five children. I like dancing very much and I wish that 1 day I would be seen in the Scene in our home. I’m tall, fat and brown in color. I wish that 1 day I will finish my school and start working and I will be happy and I think I will achieve in live without any problem and without worrying something.
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☆ Brigit Vugusta

b0167228_10315248.jpgMy names are Brigit Vugutsa. I'm a girl of fifteen year old in age and I was born in Nairobi in Kibera Slum in 1993. We are five in number of our family and we are three children and two parents. I’m the first born followed by two young brothers. At this time we all live together as a family in Kibera.
I’m from Koikamega district in Nandi South. I started schooling at Kamimei primary school from pre-unit to class one. I joined class two at Mashimoni Squarler up to class four. From four I joined Magoso primary and I finished class eight. I have joined form one in Kaliluni Girls in Machakog.
My career is a software engineer and my best subjects are Physic, Computer, Maths, History, Geography, English and Biology. My best games that I do play are basketball, volleyball and running.
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☆ Collins Odongo

b0167228_18352792.jpgMy self
My name is Collins Odongo. I am 1st one of age and I learn in Olkejuado High School. I was born in Nairobi 12 February 1992. I am glad of my self because one worth living and enjoying my self in this world.
I live in Hanglata division、Kibera in Kianda, and am the second born in our family. We are five koleu. I am tall dark in color and a little slim. My hobby in school are dancing in Maasai dance and playing rugby in the school team.
Most of my games times I spend on practicing with my other friend on the dance besides the rugby pitch. And if we open the school will be going for the zonal competition. I hope even though we have not done much practice but we must win the zonal competition so that we can continue with the next week.
I found the dance so interesting even though I do not understand the language and the song but I dance. Reading is also another hobby witch I also like and my best subjects are History and Government, Chemistry, Geography, C-R-S, English, Kisvolili, Biology. Though Physics and Mathematics bring headache I do a lot of practice. To vexed sure I do not perform poorly.
In my life career I want to be a Lawyer/Engineer. I will see the best corresponding subject so that I may discover my potential and I pray so much that God may help me to complete my four years curse then life goes on.
I love the lord and some times go to church to appreciate what he has done for me in my life time. As time pass by my God will bless my hard work and I will appreciate.
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